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Plum Creek Trail & Garden Area

Plum Creek Trail & Garden Area

The Plum Creek Trail, which was completed in the fall of 2003 and dedicated in the summer of 2004, is a 2.7 mile concrete hiking and biking trail that winds through the east side of Seward. Starting points for the trail are located near the Plum Creek Sports Complex on Karol Kay Boulevard and near the Water Treatment Facility on South Columbia Avenue.

The Garden Area was developed in 2004 at the entrance of the Plum Creek Trail. It has an accessible sidewalk winding through the area with two arbors, park benches, a drinking fountain and two rock water features. A variety of deciduous trees and shrubs, along with annuals, evergreens, herbaceous perennials, ornamental grasses and bulbs have been planted for the enjoyment of the citizens and visitors in the Seward area.

The Garden Area was designed by former Public Properties Horticulturist Terri Christensen and built and planted by City of Seward Public Properties employees. The City of Seward’s Public Works, Electric and Water Departments also contributed to the development of this area.

The Garden Area was developed by the City of Seward Public Properties Department with grants/donations from:

  • The Seward Foundation
  • State Troopers Association of Nebraska
  • Time Warner Cable – Lincoln
  • Merle’s Garden Center – Seward
  • The Robotham’s – Garland
  • Seward Rotary Club
  • Nebraska Statewide Arboretum

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